I write because I must. I write for teenagers, and adults, and the teenagers who live within most adults. The heart of the young adult has all the passion and power and drive and energy needed to change the world.


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  1. Maggie on

    I remembered today that you have this site.
    You’d think that because I learned about it a couple of weeks ago, that I would have it as part of the things I carry around in my head.
    Well, things havent’s really worked that way for me for a few years. I have become very forgetful, and it does concern me some.
    Anyway-I love reading your blogs. It feels like old times..
    I liked what you said about “the heart of the young adult has all the passion and power…”.
    I think that I still connect with that passion. I say that even as I’m sitting at my computer, hunch-backed and exhausted, with dark circles under my eyes.
    I connect with that passion when I am talking to people about their rights as workers. I connect with passion when I hear Sarah McLachlan’s music.
    I have tried to change the world in my own way by being a voice for my co-workers. I feel powerless to help in bigger ways-like I can’t stop George Bush from continuing to run this country into the ground. But I could and did help my friends and co-workers from being unjustly removed from their jobs. Four times I’ve had to do it, and we prevailed each time.
    But now I’m really tired, and I need a break. I have been successful, but it is always a grind. To keep my focus, I try to remind myself of my original intention. This has allowed me to be able to put one foot in front of the other. But the grind is just that. I have decided to turn my energy in a new direction.
    My next challenge is to become one of “them”, and show them that they can do their jobs without dehumanizing people and without needing to control them. That’s what I intend to do. I hope I will be successful. I’m scared that I won’t.
    Will I be able to bring that same energy into my new task? Will I be able to find success in my continuing quest to change my part of the world, in defiance of the George Bushes of the world? I guess time will tell, but I really hope so.

  2. anngonzalez on

    Hey, Maggie — I sent you an email, (actually several) but I’m not sure you’re getting any of them.

    Of course you can come visit! Try sending an email to ann@anngonzalez.com

  3. Diana on

    What a marvelous endeavor. I am thrilled about your upcoming book, Running for My Life — it’s brilliant! And I’m glad your voice is being added to those of other great writers for young adults. Your ideas will help shape people to think more carefully about who and how we are with those we love as well as strangers. May your voice continue to find outlets and audiences. May your influence reach hearts and minds worldwide. Thank you for sharing your passion for compassionate, intelligent, creative and healthy communities.

  4. bibomedia.com on


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